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Mido Photography - BIO

Name                          : Mohamad Seifeddine known as Mido
Date of Birth              : 1-March-1975
Place of Birth             : Mazboud – Chouf .

Photography for Mido started as a hobby at the early age of ten. Over the years it turned to be a lifetime passion, he also taught Photography courses for several years in the university.
Mido view the art of photography as a subtractive process, a distilling of reality into a personal vision. As such he often use the tools of modern photography – filters and digital enhancements – to try to capture in an image the emotions he felt at the moment he tripped the camera's shutter....

Concept shooting is a way of approaching photography for Mido, it takes his work to a new level. It takes a little more thought than just going "snap happy" but Mido's photos convey a message with those viewing his shots....
With degrees in Architecture, Interior Decoration and Business Administration combined with careers as a Graphic Design Instructor, and professional photographer, Mido's background may seem quite complex. On the other hand, simplicity and emotion are characteristics of a Mido’s photograph.

Mido's work was published in many U.S magazines, websites and exhibitions; he always repeats a quote said by Ansel Adams: "A photograph is usually looked at - seldom looked into" and always says that he tries to let people look into his work not at it…

Exhibits , Presentations and Interviews:

Photo Exhibitions (in print)
-          Save Our Station photo exhibition – Ministry of Tourism – Beirut – Lebanon (19th-27th January 2010)
-          Save Our Station photo exhibition – Safadi Foundation – Tripoli - Lebanon (6th – 13th March 2010 with a Honorific ceremony from Tripoli municipality)
-          Festival of Lebanese art books – Unesco Palace – Beirut – Lebanon (16th – 27th November 2010 )

TV Interviews:
-          Interview in Akhbar al Sabah on Future TV  (17th of December 2010)

Presentations and Lectures (in person):
-                                             Modern University of Business and Science – Beirut – Lebanon (from Fall 2004 till Fall 2009) as Photography Instructor and Students Advisor.

Publications :
-          Greater Good Magazine: emotional intelligence ( U.S.A ) – October 2009
-          Photo Chosen for جمعية – مش ناسينكون – December 2009
-          S.O.S poster AD ( Ministry of Tourism – Beirut - Lebanon ) – Jan 2010
-          SOS Invitation poster ( Institut de Monde Arab – Paris – France ) – Feb 2010
-          Photo Chosen for S.O.S international campaign launching – Institut du Monde Arabe – Feb 2010

-          Featured Photographer in Lebrecord summer 2010
-          Mish Nasyinkoun Campain in Abu Dhabi – UAE -2009
-          Photo of the Day in WIX Photography International – 2009
-          Article in Al Liwaa newspaper about Serenity book 23-9-2010
-          Article in Bilmersad website about Serenity book 26-9-2010
-          Article in Al Nahar newspaper about Serenity book 7-10-2010
-          Photo Published in Siyase website 11-10-2010
-          Article in Arab Ad magazine December 2010 issue
Books :
-          “Serenity” (September 2010 )- Photography book.

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