Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Mohamad Seifeddine Exclusive interview, A new generation of professional photographers

LPM: Who is Mohamad seifeddine? Introduce yourself, where did you study, how long have you been in photography, starting point, etc…
I am  24 years old Lebanese student. I finished advertising and last year radio tv. Photography was a hobby 5 years ago when I registered photography course, and since 2009 I decided to make it my profession.
LPM: How would you define yourself who is Mohamad seifeddine as a photographer?
“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.’’ I take photos because It’s my best way to express what I like and what to say, passion for photography as an art more than a business is my key to develop interesting photos

LPM: you are young and talented what makes you different than the other photographers in Lebanon?
Different light,  model attitude and fashion styling is essential to be unique; I avoid shooting typical Lebanese old fashion makeup and hair …

LPM: How would you describe your style?
Artistic but elegant.

LPM: What advice do you have for new photographers?

Keep practicing and taking new photos, be up to date with all products related to their particular interest in any field of photography.

LPM: Did you get trained by another photographer?

LPM: How do you prepare for a photo shoot?
It depends on the shooting if its fashion, beauty or editorial.
I meet with the client or fashion editor and discuss the main concept and purpose of the shooting, to choose the models, makeup artist …

LPM: What do you add to the photo when the client tells you this and that? 
We decide what to adjust before shooting, and when a client have a bit different point of view, I tend to be flexible as long it’s for the benefit of the concept.

LPM: How do you work out on the composition of the picture? 
Again it depends on the kind of shooting editorial or advertising or other. Do we need with one or multi elements, in or out doors?

LPM: What distinguish a professional model from a non-professional one?
A professional model must have specific physical standards. She should give the needed attitude to make to photo successful, And to emphasize the cloth or product and not her. 

LPM: What makes Lebanese photographers different from others / in the area photographers?
A mix of oriental faces and fashion with international trend leads to different production. So a Lebanese photographer has the opportunity of various cultural elements in his photos that make him unique.

LPM: What is your favorite lens? 
For fashion i prefer wide angle or standard lens, for beauty and portrait I love the contrast of D.O.F in telephoto lens.

LPM: A typical question what are you using, medium format or 35 m? 
For personal photos and the new exhibition using 35mm, but for most commercials and fashion digital high resolution photos are preferred.  

LPM: In general during a session to take the shot how many picture you take.
In some sessions few photos are enough to get what I need or even from first shots, and when a model needs some time to warm up couple of minutes are needed.

LPM: Do you still have time to shoot for yourself something you love?
Yes I do especially when I travel.

LPM: Can you share a website or blog you visit often?
When it comes to photography there no specific site, I just Google what I need.

LPM: Who are the famous faces in your portfolio?
Locally I worked with  Maya Diab, Melissa, Nadine Njeim, Mona abou hamze.
International celebrities: Akon, Shakira, Tiesto, Julio Iglesias, and soon Ricky Martin.

LPM: What awards did you win and some of your exhibitions?
I am working on first exhibition and it will be in summer 2012

LPM: Last four photo shoots?
Nicolas Jebran Haute Couture, Sayidaty editorial, Maya Diab portraits, Melissa.

LPM: What do you say for people that love your work? 
Thanks for being a fan of what I do and stay tuned for more exiting photos.

 LPM: What do you say for Lebanese photography magazine? 
Wish you prosperity among all photography lovers and it’s a pleasure to share my photos and interview. 
Contact info: info@mseif.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/mSeifphotography
Website: www.mseif.com

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