Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Interview with Dubai fashion photographer Rudy shoushany

LPM: Who is Rudy Shoushany?
I am Lebanese-Canadian photographer and Instructor  who became deeply inspired and enthralled by
photography at the young age of 13.
I was raised in Lebanon, South Africa, and Canada, and traveled all over the world, enriching my culturally sensitive eye behind the camera as I continue to work around the globe.

LPM: How long have you been a professional photographer?
I've been working as a professional photographer since 2010

LPM: you are a talented  photographer, what makes you different
Light my signature is the Light.

LPM: Where Are you based?
I am a photographer in Dubai an Beirut and different international destination

LPM: Where have you exhibited your work?
Arts Takes at the Time Square Collective (2011)
LPM at the Collective Photography Exhibition (2011)

LPM: Have you received any Awards?
2x Honorable mention in international photography awards IPA 2011

Website www.Rsphotography.co
IG: www.Instagram.com/RudyPhotography
FB: www.Facebook.com/RudyPhotography

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