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In Special Interview With a top model
Myriam Klink is one of the earliest supermodels in Lebanon; she has been around for the last 14 years.
Myriam has Lebanese – Serbian Blood, she modeled all over the continent, nationally and internationally (Elie Saab and Robert Abi Nader etc…)
In an exclusive interview, we highlight a bit on Myriam’s Life behind and in front of camera.
LPM: Who is your favorite word cup team?
Myriam: Actually I don’t support anybody in the world cup, but I only support Serbia when they play in matches.
LPMWhere did you study?
Myriam: I studied in Lebanon, ALBA and USJ
LPM: What are your hobbies and interests?
Myriam: Travelling, Shopping, Animals and Sleeping

 Where do you generally shop and how often
Myriam: I shop all over, how often hmmmmmm generally every two days I am a shopaholic if I can say so. I love to shop and when I like the design for example: a High Heel I buy all colors
LPMWhat advice do you give for the aspiring models?
Myriam: Lebanese models don’t take modeling seriously, in Lebanon have fun doing it, enjoy it.
International modeling is different it is tougher, stricter more demanding.
Here they do wrong to their bodies, (not eating and many other things)
LPM: How do you prepare yourself for a photo shoot?
Myriam: Well I don’t anymore it is second nature now to me; I use to back in the days when I started, couldn’t sleep, nor eat and prepare; now it is just a walk in the park
LPMHow would you describe working with a photographer?
MyriamSome photographers are not nice, and it happened many times that I had to cancel the photo shoot.
I have a character and I have to relax with him, and in the end of the day it is a cooperative work to come out with a good photo shoot.

 What makes a stylish women or a man?
Myriam: When he or she’s herself
LPM: What is fun about Modeling?
Myriam: The love of cloth, always in with the latest fashion, and the contact with the people.
LPM: What distinguish a top model from a normal model?
Myriam: Modeling is Being Above.
If you a normal model you are only cloth hangers. You have to make it above media having a character giving something special shining on the cat walk, you have to be different.
LPM: What is the difference between Lebanese Models and foreign models?
Myriam: Lebanese Models they don’t know how to walk, don’t have features, not tall enough, full body specs, it is not 100 % up the world fashion model standard.
LPMWhat do you say for your fans?
Myriam: I love them, and I m so proud of my faithful fans and I want to thank them from all my heart
LPMWhat do you say for Lebanese Photography Magazine?
Myriam: I would like to say that I wish you good luck I think it’s a new concept and I am sure you will have lots of viewers….and I see that you are  working in a very professional way, so wish you all the best..
Myriam has established for herself a solid position in this industry… We wish her more success, and hope to see her for many more years to come.

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