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Exclusive Photos and interview, with Lamitta Franjieh’s New Look of Natural Beauty, in front and behind the lens.
LPM: Introduce yourself, who is Lamitta Franjieh?
Lamitta: Someone very Simple, full of life, active who is trying to enjoy every moment.
I am optimist in everything in life, I always try to make myself better, and learn from my mistakes and others.
LPM: Where did you study and what did you work?
LPM: I have studied for a year Public Relation then Psychology but I didn’t work in any of them. At the beginning I worked in many things (didn’t concentrate on one thing) since I like to challenge myself and always change. I started shooting ads since I was 13 years old, shifting then to modeling. I modeled in Paris, then I stopped because it wasn’t what I wanted.
And if I wanted to continue in modeling, I would have continued in Paris not in Lebanon.
Then I had an opportunity, since I like fashion for man and ladies, I worked as an art director in Magazine “El Rajol” for men and in another magazine “Hiya” for ladies.
I did all the related photos and directed them and carried out interviews with fashion and jewelry designers.
I worked for three years, and then I did a TV show.
Many TV shows were offered to me but I didn’t like them. Until one day I was offered something I like about my Country and Tourism.
What I liked about it, that it is close to my personality (i.e. being normal and natural).
And since I like tourism and I love Lebanon, so I agreed to do it.
Then, lately, I started Acting and all is well.
LPM: What are your hobbies and interests?

Travel; I love it wherever I go I do my own show, I meet everybody, I have friends from many countries, I like that.
I also like sports; I am an addicted person to sports. Since school I love sports and it continued.
And now, for example, I am learning water sports.
I also like to listen to music and watch movies.
Last but not least shopping. In every country I visit, I shop a lot, especially when I am stressed, it relaxes me.

LPM: What advice do you give for the aspiring models?

 Of course, learn from others, but each person should have his own style and creates his own ID.
Don’t change looks or attitude. Stay normal.
And know what you want, it is very important.
LPM: How do you prepare yourself for a photo shoot?
Lamitta: I regret that I didn’t learn photography.
As far as your question, I don’t prepare myself, I have an advantage that I don’t have to sleep and relax before the shoot since the more tired I am the more it goes with the camera.
But if we are doing something Royal or Princess style, for example, I work on the designer, makeup and other stuff.
If we are shooting outdoor, I like people to see me based on who I am naturally. God blessed me with a healthy skin and hair and a baby face, so why not showing them.
I am against complexity such as fake extensions. I don’t like it and I hate it. Go for simplicity.
LPM: How would you describe working with a photographer?
Lamitta: First of all, I reached a point, where I want to try new photographers who have something new to give.
Others, when they become famous, they prefer to work only with one professional photographer, but I am not like that.
I have many photographers friends and I like their work, but I consider a new photographer have more passion, aiming to do something new.
And I like to see how he sees me in his eyes or lens, I look for this. It is a two way benefit, I will be seen in a different style and he will be adding it to his portfolio.
There are many professional photographers but I like to try new ones.
Noting that each photographer has his own professional side, some for beauty, some for fashion, some for natural, some for glamour, or black and white.
LPM: Who’s your favorite photographer, you ever worked with?
Lamitta: JC Bejjani, Roger Mokarzel, David Abdallah, Jihad Hojeili, Rodrigue Najarian and I like their work.
LPM: How does a model compliment the photographer?
Lamitta: The photographer should be good, but a lot of work depends on the model, the more the camera loves me, the more good shots result in. The more I am aware of what I am doing, better are the photos. If the photographer after two hours of a photo shoot is still exited and willing to continue, it is a sign that the photo shoot is successful.
I have been in front of the camera since I was 13, so I know what to do, no body need to direct me, and also it is something that is born with you, you can’t learn it. That’s why I was successful.
LPM: What makes a stylish woman?
Lamitta: Many things, ID, Cloth, Style.
It is not about buying cloth for example Gucci and LV that makes me stylish.
No it doesn’t work that way, I have to mix and match (bags, jewelry…)
Another thing is the hair, the walk and the attitude.
LPM: What was fun about Modeling and what did u achieve?

 At that time, when I was in school, I wanted everybody to know me and I achieved it.
And that’s what happened everybody in school knew me and looked at my pictures.
But, I stopped modeling early since then, because my target changed and I became more mature.
LPM: What is the difference between Lebanese Models and Foreign Models?
Lamitta: Allow me to say, I m a frank person.
Currently it is different than at the time I was modeling.
At that time, not every girl could be called a model or a professional model.
Nowadays everybody is a model, once on a cover, they become immediately models.
You need a career history and a good profile to be a model.
And today the agencies and advertising companies are looking for good quality, that’s why we see today the rush to get an international model, for better qualities and history.
LPM: What is your favorite look?
Lamitta: When I am at the beach, swimsuit, hair down, wet. This is the look, I like myself in it.
LPM: Why the natural look?
Lamitta: As you see, in my exclusive pictures to you, I have the natural look, why?
First I like the idea that they are different from what I usually do, my old pictures, no makeup or hair done.
They show my true me; they show my age and a natural look.
Cause the person has to take care of his natural look,
I enjoy doing sports a lot, and then you have to take care of your skin, for it to be always clear, (less makeup, cleaning, masks, not mush sun etc…) same for the hair.
I like to look nice, but not on every day basis I have to put makeup and do my hair. Everything has its time.
The most important thing is internal happiness that shows on the exterior.
LPM: What do you say for your fans?
Lamitta: Like they love me, I love them. I have succeeded because of my fans, and I promise them that I won’t change a bit, I will stay the same.
See my new movie in cinema in two weeks in Egypt (Mohtaram) with Actor Mohamad Ragab, it’s my second movie.
LPM: What do you say for Lebanese Photography Magazine?
Lamitta: Nice concept and idea, wish you all the success.

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