Friday, October 29, 2010


The theme is a about the mannequin’s points of view in lebanon,
I tried to reflect the lebanese condition through the mannequin’s faces…
The project started with choosing the faces and their expression and right after shooting them on the first layer on a slide film,
I insert the film again for a double exposure.
The other layers as you see, are the subject matter of the picture, and some photos had three layers in them.
I tried to mash it up by choosing some abstract shapes to the expression.
Please note that these photos are not photoshoped, they are taken straight from a slide film developed in cross-process.
A little about me,
Marc Abiad, born in october 1985, started experimenting with photography by the age of 12, won an illustration award at Unesco Palace in 2005.
Majored in cinema and photography, I took part in two photography exhibitions and currently preparing for one.
A work experience of directing 150 documentaries during
the last two years while continuing my education. for now.
Best Regards

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