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Anthony Rahayel, Beirut Night Life lead Photographer

Anthony Rahayel, Beirut Night Life lead Photographer
LPM: Introduce yourself (how long, have you been taking photos, what did you study, any old exhibitions or books etc…)
My name is Anthony Rahayel, dental surgeon by profession, and photographer. I have been taking pictures since the year 1997. Had participated in many competitions in Lebanon and won the 3rd price in the AUB alumni and the 2nd price in the hospital St. Georges in Beirut a couple of years ago.
Have already participated to one book, (23 Visions): and publishing the second one on the 24th of november:  the upcoming book is the first book describing the Lebanon by night.

LPM: Introduce Beirut Night Life (BNL)
BNL is the first online media in Lebanon, started in 2002, covering all events happening around town.
We started the nightlife photography concept in Lebanon, with artistic and colorful pictures reflecting the mood and the action of the night.

LPM: How do you describe your work at BNL?
After the company grew bigger, we started recruiting and have today 5 photographers and videographers traveling the 4 corners of Lebanon to keep the world up to date about the Lebanese nightlife scene. I am handling the production department, of photography, videography and editing.

LPM: Share your experience as being the lead photographer for BNL
Our work is different from normal photography.
The job is demanding, you need to stay awake all night, and sometimes have to deal with bizarre situations and awkward people. Nightlife photography is a passion, the colors of the night, capturing the moment, the dance, the deck and the DJ on a certain music mood. While shooting the night, all the camera settings are to be used, high ISO speed, long exposures and large apertures.

LPM: Do you consider yourself Fashion photographer, photo journalist or a professional photographer?
At BNL, we do it all. Our sections differ from fashion, to social, to nightlife, to sports and many others. During the years i had to develop my skills in all those fields to be up to the standard of our company's quality reputation.
LPM: Next job is a photography book? Tell us more
Today, a few cities can compete with Beirut’s reputation for elegance, sophistication and zeal for life that comes out exclusively at night.
In any season, the city’s nightlife is the constant pulse that keeps its people feeling alive. While other cities withdraw to sleep, Beirut prepares itself to shine out like a beacon in blazing colors, calling in hundreds of thousands of visitors each year to partake in the festivities and share the magic from dusk till dawn.
This is the true face of Lebanon; Lebanon by night that has captured international attention - CNN describes it as a “world-class party zone”, while the Guardian, UK calls its nightlife “sophisticated.”
We uncover the night’s secrets in a series of over 700 un-retouched photos. 
In a wealth of images taken over the years, I found myself drawn to the power of the night, discovering its true beauty in every event from festivals, shows and concerts to clubs, parties and more. Every image discovers the soul of the night tells a story and takes us on a journey that allows us to relive the magical moments.  
Jean Ghalo, advertising and marketing specialist and Co-Founder of, a number one digital media in Lebanon, combines his know-how with me talent to produce B. Lebanon. 
For the first time ever, a book dedicated to Lebanon’s nightlife, this unique publication is a compilation and a testament to the country’s vibrant spirit across 512 pages.  The book is a lasting souvenir for anyone who was part of the great times, and a window into the world’s most exquisite party scene for anyone who has yet to visit the country that never sleeps. 

LPM: What do you says to Lebanese photography magazine
I am so happy that we have now a magazine for photography in Lebanon; a magazine for photographers where we can learn from each other’s and express ourselves.

LPM: What do you give for advice for people whom would like to work in a similar position?
A camera is like a car, you need to know how to drive it to reach your destination. After that, let your imagination and creativity take the wheel for you to take your dream shot.

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