Monday, November 8, 2010

Mario K, A young photographer, with a bright future

Humans criss-cross this Earth while generating trillions of events, simultaneously. Then, at lightning speed, everything passes, and is gone forever. You cannot be in more than one place at a time. Therefore, unless you were there, you will never know what took place. As a photographer, my job is to slow things down and freeze them in time. I set out to capture moments — very small moments, so that I can bring you a snapshot of what happened, when you weren’t looking. My name is Mario El Khoury. My friends know me as ‘Mario K’. I am fifteen years old,. My family is from Lebanon, and we travel the world at every opportunity. I am still at school, and I belong to a photography club whose members trek out every now and then, in search of beauty and mystery.

We photographers try to stop the world. We attempt to chronicle the events as we see them. With a sense of urgency, we endeavour to immortalise perishable beauty. All of us lead such hectic and distracted lives. For this reason, I try to capture the inspiring events, so that you can honour, as I do, the miraculous hand of God. Indeed, I am grateful that I am able to bring to you the memories of moments that pass. There is nothing more primeval than photography. This is because pure photography has nothing to do with the camera. A camera is merely a tool. The real essence of photography stirs the mind and sparks the imagination.
Each of us can associate with photography because it: trades in truths; passes no judgement; proclaims unwaveringly; and takes no sides.
The end-result is an image that: speaks no language; utters no words; makes no demands; and tells no lies.

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