Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Roberto Cavalli Photography Exhibition Open to the public tomorrow, Thursday November 18th, in the halls of Palazzo Morando at Via Sant’Andrea

Open to the public tomorrow, Thursday November 18th, in the halls of Palazzo Morando at Via Sant’Andrea 6, is the photographic exhibition of "Il nero non è mai assoluto" by Roberto Cavalli, organized in collaboration with the Department of Culture for the City of Milan.

“This exhibition is my diary, where there are no days or dates, but rather a path that tells my life story.A small selection from my photo archives, giving everyone access to my creative process, which in turn leads to the printing of my fabrics.My prints are always the result of my photos and are the foundationsof my clothes.The most normal object has the ability to stir distant memories in my mind and become a source of inspiration for a collection or even a simple detail on a dress.I have those moments, things, people, unchanging in my head and on my camera.I have looked at a black sky and waited patiently, for hours, for the sun to shine through.You see, black is never absolute.There is always light behind it”.                                              
Roberto Cavalli

"What better set than the Palazzo Morando for an exhibit fusing Fashion, Costume and Images in one artistic project.  It is also a setting in which one follows the three “S”: stories, stupor, seduction.  Every one of his photographs is the helm through which Cavalli has directed you toward actual destinations, which are, above all, not physical but mental places”.
 Massimiliano Finazzer Flory  - City Councillor of Milan

Roberto Cavalli is not a photographer. Roberto Cavalli is a visionary.
Through his lens, Roberto Cavalli captures, moulds and transforms a moment from one of his continual journeys all over the world, a detail of the silhouette of a flower in his garden, the bright colours of the skin of a “character” from the animal world that he finds so fascinating, the fast, the ever-changing transformation of the clouds in the skies that he crosses. The image he creates is not limited by the borders of a frame: this too is incessantly transforming and evolving, interwoven with fabric it reappears in a pair of jeans, reworked once again it becomes the fine embroidery on a woman’s back, through modern technology it is a print for an interior.

This exhibition tells of a magical journey, offers the possibility of accompanying Roberto Cavalli on his flights of fantasy, of experiencing his search for visions, as he is used to doing.
An exhibition in movement, in constant elaboration: sharing the camera lens and at the same time turn it into an iridescent kaleidoscope where thousands of images continually render others, in a series of varying and infinite processes.
Projections, the refraction of light and colour, mirrors for imaginary architecture, a quest for other universes. A maze as a game, the playroom, hundreds of reflective bubbles that ironically deform reality.
To "see" in a different way.
Art Director: Luca Stoppini
Architect: Barbara Ghidoni / Storage Associati

Palazzo Morando Costume Moda Immagine
Via Sant’Andrea, 6 - Milano.

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