Monday, November 8, 2010

"Serenity" Photography Book Signing A photographic vision

A photographic vision - Une vision photographique


When technology and craft are intertwined with a deep perception of emotion and thought, the endeavor of photography is elevated to an art form.

As images unfold before our eyes we are awed not only by their aesthetic value, but also by the depth of the entire sensual experience that each photograph contains, The viewer becomes part of the image, and discovers his or her place inside of it through the photographers' angle and point of view. The visual experience is enhanced with well chosen words that compel further thought and brings us closer to the photographers' artistic vision.

A true labor of love and friendship was born out of the partnership of Mohamad and Dina on this work. It sheds both light and shadows on natural beauty and the human experience.

Lana Aoude

Who is Dina Hilal

Dina loves to bring photographic art to people everywhere to help them see what lies beyond the surface of the everyday. This is her way of translating her vision of the world and what she finds. She wants to help others see instead of just looking at life around them.

Who is Mohamad Seifeddine (Mido)

Photography is all about depth of feelings and is a true reflection to one's soul.
Mido always promises to capture the emotions found everywhere. He always repeats a quote said by Ansel Adams: "A photograph is usually looked at - seldom looked into" and says that he always tries to let people look into his work not at it.

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