Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Tania Shoukair Photography Exhibition

Tanias's exhibition is a part of an underground event/project organized by Fady Aswad, a dj and producer.

At this specific edition of minimal effort they are trying to combine music and art, something that haven't been done before at minimal effort.

The photos exhibited are portraits that have been shot throughout the past year.

She started taking them almost the same time I was introduced to the underground electronic music scene, which was a great source of inspiration to me.

The models in my photos are not professionals. They are usually close friends of mine, exceptional people with great minds, hearts and ideas.

All of my photos are either in black and white or sepia, a total of seven prints.

They are either dark, erotic or both. After she get to know a certain person, she start collecting bits and pieces of their character.

Once she find myself interested,  the urge to present their character visually grows and she propose to take their picture.

Together, they collaborate to create a concept or simply an image that fits her vision of the person's personality.

So she tried  to document the existence and influence of certain people in her life from her  own personal point of view.

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